All of our food partners will be available every night, with coffee by St. ALi and treats by Lux Bite also on offer every session!

The dining options range in price from $8 – $18.


Available every night!
Featured Night: Wednesday March 2

Featured Film: The Grand Budapest Hotel
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Under the direction of head chef Sascha Randle, the broadly European menu at Epocha focuses on shared dishes with humble origins, with Greek and English influences, as well as a fair representation of classic French fare (think charcuterie and serious cheeses).

Le Bon Ton

Available every night!
Featured Night: Thursday March 3

Featured Film: The Big Lebowski
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Texas-raised Jeremy Sutphin, formerly of Fog, oversees two offset smokers and a big cabinet smokehouse where eight, seven-kilogram Riverina grain-fed Angus beef briskets and four pork shoulders are mesquite-smoked for up to 16 hours. When ready, slather it with Sutphin’s “damn good” barbeque sauce, a comforting mix of Carolina vinegar with Texan earthiness (for those chasing extra spice, the bright orange habanero delivers).


Available every night!
Featured Night: Friday March 4

Featured Film: The Great Beauty
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Baby offers an expression of Italian cuisine, sourcing the best quality produce and allowing it to speak for itself. Baby’s cooking is best described as simple, home cooking at its best that is delicious and will fill you up. Their artisan pizzas are made with Caputo Molino 00 flour from Naples, which is regarded to be the best flour for pizza. It gives the pizzas a bubbly and crispy crust and a light and fluffy body.


Available every night!
Featured Night: Saturday March 5

Featured Film: Chef
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Mamasita, one of Melbourne’s finest Mexican restaurants was ahead of the game when it brought a little taste of Mexico to the city back in 2009.  Leading the charge in showcasing fresh Mexican flavours, the food is modern and creative while still remaining true to the traditional and authentic methods of Mexican cuisine.

The European

Available every night!
Featured Night: Sunday, March 6

Featured Film: Midnight in Paris
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Those who’ve dined at The European on Spring Street would remember it not only for its vintage 1950s posters, wood-panelled interior and mirrored wall, but also for a menu that pays homage to the venue’s name at all times of the day. Peppered with a taste of Spain, Italy and France, the Melbourne institution even gives a nod to the motherland in the form of clotted cream and Beef Wellington, all under the watchful eye of chef Ian Curley.

Schweppes Cocktail Bar

Available every night!

When Jacob Schweppe invented the bottling of carbonated water in 1783, he set into motion a beverage revolution that far exceeded his wildest dreams. This was just the beginning of Schweppervescence. The Schweppes Cocktail Bar embraces the magic of mixology, offering the finest selection of crisp and zesty cocktails for a night under the stars.

St. Ali

Available every night!

The ST. ALi Family place a strong ethos on quality beans and unique brewing methods. Head Barista, Matt Perger placed first in the World Coffee & Good Spirits Championship in 2014; Second in the 2013 World Barista Championship for his redial, rethink on filter coffee – a paradigm shift in the category – as well as winning first place in the 2012 World Brewer’s Cup.



Available every night!

Inspired by luxury patisseries in Europe and Japan, LuxBite owners Bernard Chu and Yen Yee whipped up a small space on Toorak Road and transformed it into macaron-heaven. From fruity flavours like watermelon, raspberry and piña colada; to classics like chocolate and pistachio; and even fusions like black sesame, bamboo oolong tea and rose and lychee … the selection of macarons at LuxBite is endless. Chu and Yee’s past experiences as chefs at various restaurants means they’re not playing around with what they offer. The macarons are of a high standard in presentation and in taste. On top of their colourful selection of macarons, LuxBite also offers a range of classic dessert choices like crème brûlée and rolled cakes, with a twist on the traditional ingredients.

Julian Robertshaw

Available every night!

As the Melbourne Racing Club’s executive chef, Julian has significantly raised the standard of dining for racegoers. With extensive experience in modern Asian-influenced cuisine, utilizing fresh, flavoursome produce, Julian’s 25-year-long career includes 10 years in China perfecting his craft.

“The importance of freshness, seasonality and innovation with ingredients have always been driving factors in my cooking style,” Julian says.

Julian will be preparing movie-themed dishes at every session.

Aperol Spritz

Available every night

Enjoy an Aperol Spritz at Gourmet Cinema. A classic Italian cocktail perfect for any outdoor summer occasion.